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Hi tea drinkers!

Looking for more convenience, value, and innovative tea offerings?

Sign up today for our Subscribe & Save service. The subscription will always have free shipping!


Steps to Subscribe & Save

  1. Click Here
  2. Pick the teas you want to subscribe to
  3. Go into each tea's product page and click subscribe and save
  4. Check out and enter Promo Code: FREESHIP

That's it!


Subscribe & Save gets your tea delivered, on the schedule you want, every 1-6 months. We make it easy to change flavors, frequency, and to pause the service anytime. With Subscribe & Save, you only pay $ 0.20-0.50 per serving!

Besides getting our best deal, you'll be adding an antioxidant-rich superfood tea that helps fill the nutritional gaps in your diet. Use the plant power of organic tea blends and broccoli microgreens to easily boost your health!

Don't forget to use the code FREESHIP!


Thank you!

Stephen Cowan

Founder, Beyond Microgreens

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Featured collection

Variety Pack - Microtea - Microtea

Variety Pack - Microtea


Recovery - Tea - Microtea

Recovery - Tea


Relax - Tea - Microtea

Relax - Tea


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