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What is Microtea?

I started Cowan Farms after touring the amazon rainforest and realizing how powerful plants are -  and how much they're needed in our future for food and medicine.

That led me to Microgreens.
They're never going to make a more nutritious version of the vegetable than during the microgreen phase (10-14 days old). A delicious and easy way to sneak a lot more nutrients and minerals into your diet. 
And it pairs PERFECTLY with a delicious tea. 
These plants are healing, and when we share the plants in their most nutritious form, they have the greatest chance or making an impact.
So... what exactly are Microgreens? 
Microgreens are extremely nutrient dense baby vegetables, harvested at the peak of their nutrition around 12-14 days old.
There are dozens of Microgreen options from broccoli and kale to radish and pea shoots or sun flower. The best part? They are ALL a superfood in this form. No pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers are required. 
Beyond Organic. 
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