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Microtea Launches into Retail at Alfalfas in Colorado

Microtea Launches in Alfalfas
Boulder-based Microtea launches into retail at Alfalfas. With the first shelf stable microgreens product in the US, Microtea helps fill the nutritional gaps in your diet with an organic loose leaf tea. Powered by Broccoli and Kale microgreens these baby veggies are a super food of a superfood. 

Microgreens tea Broccoli

The Alfalfas launch includes 3 loose leaf flavors with layers you can taste.

  • Cozy Chamomile - Naturally caffeine free all organic chamomile, lemon grass, lemon balm, lemon peal and sage
  • Turmeric Tonic - Naturally caffeine free all organic turmeric, lemon peel, ginger root, tulsi
  • Morning Microboost - Caffeinated all organic black tea, pu'er, orange peel and natural vanilla flavoring
  • Every flavor has over 1000 Broccoli and Kale microgreens 

Microgreens tea

About Microtea:
Microtea is powered by microgreens. Microgreens are baby vegetables harvested at the peak of their nutritional density, around 10-14 days old. The plant never has more nutrients in it than during this phase. All the minerals, nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants in it then get spread out to the larger plant that's made up of mostly of water and fiber. Like Microtea on Facebook and follow on Instagram, watch the Microtea Story.
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