Beyond Microgreens Launches First-Ever 100% Freeze-Dried Broccoli Microgreens Product
Beyond Microgreens was previously known as Microtea

Boulder, Colo. (July 23, 2020)
Beyond Microgreens is a Boulder, Colo. based microgreens company that is launching its flagship product, Broccoli Booster — made with 100% US-grown and freeze-dried broccoli microgreens. Each serving of this superfood has concentrated nutrients, most notably sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is recognized as nature's most potent activator of Nrf2, which is the master regulator of the body's antioxidant pathways. Sulforaphane is known to support an active immune response, healthier aging, decreased inflammation, as well as promoting brain health and focus.
Gram for gram, Broccoli Booster has nutritional benefits that approximately equate to: 
  • 13.5x as much Vitamin C as oranges
  • 4x as much iron as tofu or steak
  • 3x as much iron as lentils
  • 2x as much iron as pinto beans
  • 2x as much potassium as bananas
  • As much Vitamin A as sweet potatoes

Harvested at peak nutrition between 10-14 days old, fresh microgreens are extremely perishable and are usually locally grown as they cannot withstand shipment over long distances. By freeze-drying the microgreens, the shelf life is extended from one week to one year while maintaining the superfood-level nutrition. Broccoli is one of the most nutritionally potent microgreens and contains up to 40x the amount of micronutrients relative to adult broccoli.

Today, Beyond Microgreens is the only shelf-stable microgreens company in the United States. 

Broccoli Booster is available for $54.95 at now or Amazon in August. There are 30 servings per tin, which equals 10,000+ fresh microgreens. One heaping teaspoon–the recommended daily serving–includes more than 300 microgreens. It may be used daily in a variety of simple ways. Blend a serving into a smoothie, stir it into a soup, sprinkle it on top of a fresh salad, eggs, fish, or stir it into the batter for baked goods. 

The microgreens used in Broccoli Booster and all Beyond Microgreens products are sourced from Colorado growers and grown under strict Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). No pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are used—just clean water, air and lots of natural sunlight. All products are third-party tested to ensure consistency and quality. 

Stephen Cowan, founder of Beyond Microgreens, spent time studying the benefits of plant-based nutrition overseas. These travels sparked his passion to deliver to others the value he found.

"Two years ago, after a decade of successful software sales, I traveled to the Amazon rainforests of Peru," said Cowan. “I was surprised how connected the people of Peru were with plants and with nature. This made me realize how disconnected our western culture is in that way. The physical and mental health benefits of plants resonated with me and I wanted to explore this passion towards a new career in helping others.

“A lot of our food in the United States is empty of nutrition and we do not even realize it. Our bodies are not getting enough of the good things they need and therefore, are not working right. With a renewed sense of purpose, I set out to help others connect with powerful plants for their overall wellness. This ultimately led me to start growing microgreens and solving the problem of creating sustainable microgreens-based products to help fill the nutritional gaps in peoples’ diets.”
Carly Stewart Anderson, MSc., Head of Biology and Education for Beyond Microgreens, is studying the benefits of the sulforaphane and other compounds found in broccoli microgreens.

"Activating your Nrf2 pathway is essential for battling injury, disease, inflammation and any kind of cell-level oxidative damage in the body," said Anderson. "Nrf2-activating compounds have even been short-listed as potential therapies for COVID-19.”

Boulder-based Beyond Microgreens is a small company with a big vision: establish a foundation for environmental and social change while empowering people to live up to their best health standards. This is accomplished through process transparency and organic growing practices. 

In addition to the Broccoli Booster, Beyond Microgreens also offers a line of organic functional teas including: Recovery, Relax, Energize, and Focus. For more information, visit us at or Stephen Cowan at

Beyond Microgreens products use recyclable hermetic cans to offer 100% protection against gas, oxygen, light, moisture, and other contaminants. All tins are manufactured in the United States.

For more background and studies about the benefits of sulforaphane and broccoli microgreens visit:

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