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Tea Steeper

Tea Steeper - Beyond Microgreens
Tea Steeper - Beyond Microgreens
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Load image into Gallery viewer, Tea Steeper - Beyond Microgreens

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About this item

  • Easily brew the most flavorful tea
  • Simply to use and easy to clean
  • Add your favorite tea and drop the infuser into the teapot; Also ideal for spices and loose leaf tea
  • Sturdy clip holds ball together and features a chain with a hook to suspend in hot beverages
  • Measures 1.75"/4.5cm diameter; Stainless Steel

Customer Reviews

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Mandi Bombard
Tea Steeper is cute, but not sturdy.

I love using the tea steeper, but after couple of uses, it wouldn't stay closed and kept dumping the wet tea leaves into my mug when I went to take it out. My husband used some pliers and tightened the part that grips the edge and holds the steeper closed, so now it works great! If anyone else has that problem, try pliers!!

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